Thursday, June 21, 2007

Take a note...

Over the past week I've been using a new tool from Jott which works with your cell phone and serves as a recorder of thoughts, to-dos and more.

After you set up an account, Jott provides an 877 number that you can call and dictate a message to yourself, others who use the service or even groups. Once you complete the message, Jott distributes the note to the desired recipients in the form of email and/or text message, complete with the recording of your voice.

So far, so good. The voice-to-text translator seems to work well with most messages being translated to text exactly how I recorded them. This is really a great tool for anyone who needs to write a lot. Whether you are in sales returning from the field, running a business with much to keep track of or want to capture a post for your blog while you drive; Jott works great!

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